Jetzt im Peng

“… Ich habe meine Gründe…”

14. März 2009


Ausstellung von
Apunkt Apeiron, Wayne Mazarine, August Priebe & Rodney Swanstrøm

14. bis 22. März
unter der Woche ab 16 Uhr, Fr / Sa ab 19 Uhr

Vier Lebensläufe, vier Freunde. Sieben Kontinente. Verbunden durch eine Liebe… die Liebe, die Welt auf ihre eigene Art zu erklären: durch Kunst. Vier Künstler, die verschiedener nicht sein können. Doch in dieser Ausstellung gehen sie eine Symbiose ein, welche die Grenzen des Bewusstseins des Betrachters verschieben und auf eine Probe stellen werden. Keine Kunst für jeden Tag, doch Kunst für jedes Leben.

Rahmen Programm:

Sa, 14. März: Vernissage ab 20 Uhr

Fr, 20. März:
ab 19 Uhr: Präsentation des gONZo Magazins “Taschentiger”
ab 20 Uhr: Kabarett “Früher war alles besser” von Karsten Mekelburg
und Duo ÖM: Heiter frivoler Liederabend “Liebe, Sex und andere Sauereien”

Auf dieses Thema gibt es 3 Reaktionen
  1. Leute, wenn Ihr auf den Flyern auch Öffnungszeiten für Sonntag angebt (bis 20.00) ist es ziemlich dämlich, dann einfach zu zu haben. War mit zwei Freunden gestern Abend um 19.00 da und stand vor verschlossener Tür. Schade eigentlich, eine war extra aus Rüsselsheim mitgekommen und entsprechend angepisst…

    Geschrieben von Nic am 16. März 2009 um 12:51 Uhr

  2. Hallo cyber laurten

    american kunstler RodneyS reporting>>>>>>


    due to popular demand

    .”..ich habe meine grunde…”

    has been ausstricken order forelonged
    bis Marz 29

    where it will be offered a chance to wrap Ihr kunst, lamp, table, hund in luftfoil from the show

    all people who helphen mit renovert get to take some of the walls for personal use.

    …a bubble buster party…if you will

    can we distribute this info on the web site????????

    veilen Danke!!!! ((((>+<))))

    Geschrieben von rad am 23. März 2009 um 13:26 Uhr


    MARZ 22 2009

    COSMIC CONNECTIONS at Pengland gallerie, Mainz

    The current ausstellung at Peng, ”….ich habe meine grunde…” has garnered some local attention, and justified an extended exhibition period.
    Four seems to be the magic number at this group show of four artists, collaborators, and friends.
    After the making of a short film together last summer, (steppenwanderOZlust) they decided to share the film, and their four points of differing work / objectives in the current group show. The movies theme of an indivuals journey of a desire, and meeting intresting people along the way run true to the shows overall theme.

    Rodney Swanstrom has heightened the sensory experience with his concept of redesigning the Peng gallery throughout, by wrapping the interior space in a luft foil (used to pack and protect art) he has created distinct yet transparent walls that glow with colored light and a mysterious futuristic atmosphere. He has attributed the four as a key in his development for his project, four rooms serving a specific public function . His skylight motif as the catalyst, and a new reoccurring symbol of the cross as a four pointed symbol of neutrality and treatment carry the concept into the space ship vessel it portrays, transporting the viewer into differing worlds and imaginary places .
    The skylight kaleidscope, an outside portal that runs 24 hours for a exhibit that is always accessible for the passing people. a video entitled, “verbindung”a visual association of people having a solo journey in life however we all need to share work with, connect with others.
    The skylight cinema to showcase films.
    The skylight forum, that formalizes the meeting place of Peng the core or nucleus of the working order, and people connections of PenG.
    The skylight GALAXY stage that creates a vast back space as infinite and chaotic as the cosmos itself….a place of limitless boundaries and artifacts throughout the stage for veiwers to participate and explore.

    August Priebe with a contact of associations and a library of shared information for the visiting people who wander in to his “wohnslafkunstzimmer”, a cozy contact to read, listen, watch, listen, interact and learn from various genres.
    Apeiron Apunkt with his appropriated photography from a pornography film begins with a semmingly innocent portrait of his ex-girlfriend by the artist then dives into a group of photos taken form a porno film enhanced and masked with digital means to create graphics depiction of passion,pain, perversion, and art. The Baldessariiesgue graphic inserts mark and mask the graphic full on scenes to have viewers deceifer the reason for the carnal exploitation… NOT for young minds, eyes, or hearts.
    Wayne owner and proprietor of Mainzs’ Mazarine record shop, steals the show with his, ” nicht ein ding “copyart and conceptual installation.Each art works is pinned to the wall as leergut bonds that can be purchased for the printed price on the bond. I bought three for less than 10 euros, a real art bargain for A Japaneseish zen philosophy of less is more and really what does it matter…..

    These artists’ showing together create a sedimentation of meanings and associations. Hidden worlds and narratives are embedded and covered over, nevertheless present in their complex creations .Making the show a success in involving the public in an experience worth every reason.

    Art Guyi.e. / global art critic

    Geschrieben von art guyi.e. am 25. März 2009 um 18:34 Uhr

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